With the need for hospitals and healthcare settings to quickly deploy extra bed space, Movascreen offers a hygienic and quick privacy screening solution for patients between beds where you can’t utilise curtains.

The free-standing partition comprises of a panel which is made from anti-bacterial easy clean PVC and firmly secures to a durable powder coated steel post frame, making Movascreen very flexible and hygienic in its use. These can also be fitted with wheels for easy manoeuvre.

Movascreen Lite

Movascreen Lite offers a quick screening and partitioning solution to help promote social distancing.

Ideal for public spaces and commercial environments such as supermarkets, transport hubs, offices and warehouses to promote safe queue control or to protect individuals working in close proximity.

The lightweight temporary free-standing partition comprises of a panel which is made from anti-bacterial easy clean PVC and firmly secures to a durable powder coated aluminium frame, making Movascreen Lite very flexible and hygienic in its use.


A lightweight and simple transparent sneeze and cough screen to protect staff and customers which can be fixed by magnets or sticky pads to false and lowered ceilings. The screen is held taut by wire side guiding and can be put up in a matter of seconds as no drilling is required.

Ideal for corporate and commercial environments as the wire side guiding system offers a barely-noticeable solution making for a stylish and neat safety feature.

Roller Screen

A low cost, easy to fix and use transparent screen which allows staff working behind counters or cash registers to protect themselves against coughs and sneezes.

Ideal for environments such as hardware stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, takeaways and other settings. Rollerscreen fixes to the ceiling and hangs in place to provide protection for when staff come into contact with the general public.

Cubicle Track

One of the most highly regarded hospital cubicle track systems in the UK. Movatrack provides patient privacy as well as long term maintenance free reliability for hospital and healthcare settings.

Known for its durability and Biosafe accreditation for effective infection control, the system is carefully built to your required measurements or supplied in individual form for your own installation teams.

Disposable Curtains

Within our range of cubicle and shower curtains we offer disposable cubicle curtains which are vital for maintaining infection control in hospitals.

The curtains are manufactured from 100% recyclable polypropylene and are treated with a Biosafe antibacterial formulation. Provided with eyelets to fit existing tracks or with an easy load glider system, the curtains can be hung up or taken down very quickly. They can be used with our range or with your own cubicle and track system.