Curtain Tracks

A comprehensive selection of low maintenance durable curtain tracks for commercial and public environments.

Based around a quality aluminium core for maintenance-free and long life durability, coupled with robust plastic componentry, the our system provides the perfect platform for your curtains to hang from.

A Full Selection
Brought to you by a specialist shading and privacy manufacturer, the product range of curtain tracks provides one of the most comprehensive solutions available. You’ll find a track for almost every application, from the lightest of net tracks to heavy-duty corded and motorised tracks for large and heavy curtains.
O&M Guide
All our hand drawn curtain tracks are designed to require little or no maintenance. The tracks and components are made from durable materials that will not corrode in normal use. In the event of damage most components are replaceable. Tracks with gliders may be lubricated occasionally with a sparing application of silicone to retain sliding efficiency. Tracks with roller runners should not be lubricated. Spare parts may be obtained from the dealers.
Child Safety
Please ensure child safety device is used with cord drawn tracks. The cord tidy should be at a maximum distance from the control mechanism, keeping the loop taut (not under excessive tension however as this could negatively affect the longevity and operation of the track).