Intravenous Tracks


The Movagate is the ultimate solution for suspended curtain track system cubicle tracks where there is a requirement for a hoist. Designed with a robust sprung-loaded hinge and magnetic latch technology, the system allows the hoist to pass swiftly and easily through the track whilst maintaining 100% patient privacy at all times. The maintenance-free system is supported with white suspended V-hangers to ensure a firm and positive installation. White powder-coating incorporating Biosafe antimicrobial treatment.

Movagate provides the ultimate solution. Due to the rigidity of the track curtain divider track system, this simple but effective solution is designed to be retro-fitted to any existing YewdaleMovatrack® arrangement or installed with a new installation of YewdaleMovatrack® curtain divider track. Available worldwide, Movagate has enabled Architects, Trusts and Contractors to approach both patient handling and privacy in a new light and is now revolutionising the design of patient areas.

IV200 Intravenous Support Track (Heavy Duty)
The IV200 heavy duty intravenous support track is machined from a rigid, high-grade aluminium profile section and mounts directly to the ceiling as standard. This unique system is supplied as standard in a hygienic, white powder-coated finish and utilises heavy duty, self-locking wheeled trolleys for dependable support.

Telescopic carrier trees are available in four sizes to suit a range of track heights; all have simple release adjustment for accurate height control of the five stainless steel hooks. Pump carriers have a 20mm diameter pole to which syringe and infusion pumps may be clamped; they can be used alone for syringe pumps, or positioned alongside a carrier tree for infusion use, and with a load capacity of 30kg will take up to four pumps with ease. The optional pump carrier with power supply solves the problem of cable management, with an NHS specification supply cable attached to the top of the pump carrier and across to the wall at ceiling height.

IV400 medium duty intravenous support track

The track is machined from a rigid, high-grade aluminium profile section and can be mounted directly to the ceiling or, more usually, suspended at cubicle track height of 2.1m. This unique system is supplied as standard in hygienic, white powder-coated finish and utilises economical 2-point drip carriers with nylon runners. Able to span 2.5 metres without support, and includes all necessary fittings.

Able to be used in conjunction with the movatrack 101 mobile curtain divider system, providing full IV provision to any point within the cubicle/bed bay area.

The 300 telescopic divider rail

The rail has a high-grade, yet lightweight aluminium wall mounted rail as standard. Folding mechanism utilises aluminium components for long-term reliability. The curtain arm is adjustable in length up to 2100mm depending on model. Curtains are mounted to the rail by large plastic loops for ease of application.

The 300 telescopic divider is designed specifically for doctors surgeries, hospitals, and other healthcare institutes where space and privacy needs conflict, or where a fixed track is not felt suitable. This unique system revolutionises space utilisation and caters for overhead hoists and other lifting equipment. The system comprises of a telescopic divider rail with light weight flame retardant curtains, that can go from its almost unseen closed position against the wall, to a full screen in 10 seconds. By having the choice of length of telescopic arms along with colours of curtains, ensures the product fits well within its environment.