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The industry’s preferred choice of maintenance free privacy track systems providing enhanced personal welfare throughout the entire healthcare and public sectors.
With aluminium profiling for long life durability, Biosafe® accreditation for effective infection control, and aesthetic qualities to blend it in anywhere, the our system has been developed with the user in mind.

O&M Guide
Our divider and IV track systems require no maintenance other than normal cleaning procedures. Both the structural track and associated components are made from durable materials and will not corrode in normal use. In the event of damage, or wear and tear of moving parts, all components are readily available from the manufacturers or their dealers.
It’s not difficult to see what makes us a preferred choice throughout the industry from architects and contractors, to nursing staff and clinicians alike. It starts off with small differences like the free-running, snag-free roller wheeled curtain hooks, and the unique press-slide curtain removal point which allows curtains to be removed and replaced swiftly. Then there’s the dependability of the rigid aluminium track profile and its ability to be able to span 3m between hangers. Find out more inside.

Cubicle & Track Systems
All our systems are constructed from premium grade, maintenance-free aluminium for hassle-free requirements, and can be found working effectively in hospitals, clinics, sports centres, schools and other public buildings.
All systems are available in fully made to measure form completely ready for installation, or in a comprehensive individual component form for ease of use within any in-house manufacturing facility. The full range is distributed globally through a network of dealers and customers providing an unrivalled level of support, and with experienced installation and service teams to exceed your expectations.
The divider track programme is one of the most highly regarded in the UK, offering simple telescopic divider rails for areas of restricted space through to large scale, permanent suspended fixtures for entire hospital solutions.
The range of curtains has been developed to provide an in-stock solution and perfect accompaniment to the Movatrack. It encompasses a full anti-bacterial portfolio ranging from disposable to high grade, machine washable. All of which are flame-retardant to government standards.
All our systems are carefully built to exacting standards, giving years of trouble-free service. The superior design features and quality components enable them to be confidently specified for the most demanding environments.

The Cubicle & Track System

What unique features make this curtain divider track system so popular?
All areas of the care community; hospitals, clinics, and health conscious institutions all over the world treat the care of their service users with a very high level of interest. To enable them to uphold an environment that is conducive towards peace, calm and recovery requires equipment and systems that are simple to use and require nominal on-going maintenance. Not only does installing these features pay dividends towards carer job satisfaction, they ultimately help the longevity of the care plan by ruling out the requirements of continual maintenance costs.
With an ever-increasing host of options available to the healthcare sector, why should more thought go into a curtain divider track system?
Many systems available provide only the minimum number of factors required to offer a suitable privacy solution, suiting contractor budget constraints rather than ensuring staff and service user well-being. For help when making your next decision, or to check how your current system fares in regard to the industry standard, have a quick read through the points listed below. If you would like a non-obligatory view of your present system from an unbiased advisor, please call us today on +44(0)7501 323 831.

Roller Wheel Curtain Hooks The free-running roller wheel curtain hooks offered with the Movatrack system as standard never cease to be noticed by nursing staff who had grown accustomed to ordinary cubicle track systems. Even after years of use, curtains using these will be light and easy to draw. They won’t even jam on bends!

Maintenance-free Ideally suited for all contract applications, the Movatrack profile has a hygienic, wipe-clean, white powder-coated finish as standard. The machined flat top profile allows for positive wiping, providing absolutely no area for dust to build up nor bacteria to develop.

Premium Aluminium Profile The core of the track system is based around its sturdy, yet unobtrusive, profile. High grade aluminium and with no additional separate parts upholds the integrity of the product allowing it to span 3.0m between supports with no flexing or sag.

Cubicle Numbering System The separating of individual bed bays by means of a numbering system is an absolutely essential form of identification in hospitals, clinics, surgeries and the like. The clearly visable design of the Cubicle Numbering System provides a perfect solution to all open ward requirements. They ensure clear, instant and permanent visibility and yet still offer the convenience of tool-free repositioning whenever required.

Suitable for range of systems Only of compatible standards would be acceptable for the only 100% fail-safe antiligature solution available globally. That’s why the Movatrack curtain divider track is the only system approved for use with the Anti-Ligature System we provide.

Curtain Removal Point Every track gets fitted with a unique press-slide curtain removal point, allowing curtains to be removed swiftly, complete with hooks. It is of no surprise that this alone reduces maintenance time and improves infection control. No more attempting to remove soiled curtains from the track height at a stretch!

Installer friendly Not only do nursing staff prefer the ease of use, many installers would rather fit the track system than any other profile. The simple, elegant design is not only quick and easy to install, it is more satisfying. Die-cast aluminium wall shoes hold the track securely and slim suspension hangers exceed NHS strength requirements.

The Movatrack system complies fully with the requirements of the NHS Estates Health Technical Memoranda Building Components Series 66. All details can be provided upon request.
Biosafe® Antibacterial Accreditation Biosafe® is an internationally recognised accreditation meaning our systems have been tested under the most stringent measures to ensure effective inhibition of infection. A Biosafe® accreditation means this product is antimicrobial and plays an active role in inhibiting illness.