Shower Curtain Tracks


Direct Ceiling fix cubicle track with magnets

The rigid, high-grade aluminium track section and maintenance-free, wheeled roller hooks are just an introduction to the shower track system. Designed to give years of trouble-free service and specifically for high-risk mental health areas, this shower track system uses magnetic wall-fix brackets where the tracks meet the wall, and magnetic top-fix brackets where suspension hangers meet the ceiling. This ensures that, under excess load, the suspension hanger separates from the ceiling bracket leaving no remaining points of ligature – a highly essential safety feature, as it is surprisingly easy to attach a cord to a fixed vertical rod and use it as a ligature point.

Strength and simplicity make the K100 the first choice for a full number of applications. The maintenance-free, premium quality track system has a strong and attractive aluminium profile which offers you more for less, in that it is able to span 2.5 metres between hangers, providing long term reliability. In a similar fashion, curtain removal points are provided as standard on every track for added convenience when replacing curtains. The self-lubricating roller runner hooks are quickly loaded into the track through this point of access, making the process easy. Mounted on magnetic brackets for 100% fail-safe anti-ligature functionality.

Shower Head Holder

The magnetic shower head holder provides another anti-ligature solution for an area that may otherwise be difficult to monitor. High grade swivelling plastic provides support for many positions mounted to a high quality moulded polycarbonate mounting plate (included)

The lightweight, anti-shatter construction of the shower head holder means it is an excellent fail-safe solution for retro fitting in en-suites and bathrooms. Mounted to backing plate and complete with hidden magnetic brackets which allow it to part consistently from the brackets, under unusual weight loading, time after time.

Soap Dish

The anti-ligature soap dish is manufactured from high grade plastic. Mounted to a high quality moulded polycarbonate mounting plate (included).

The fail-safeis a high grade plastic soap dish ideal for en-suites and bathrooms. It is hygiene-friendly, being very easy to clean. Mounted to a backing plate and of a robust, anti-shatter construction, they will part from their hidden magnetic fixings reliably time after time.

Shelf Set

The anti-ligature magnetic shelf is constructed from durable, shatter-proof polycarbonate with holes for individual item placement. Mounted to two wall-fix brackets for a fully fail-safe solution.

The K514 anti-ligature shelf has a robust polycarbonate construction and is mounted to two magnetic brackets. This ensures that the shelf consistently parts from its brackets under excessive load. Functional yet fail-safe, this shelf is ideal for storing toiletries in en-suites and bathrooms etc.

Coat Hook

The flexible coat hook has been developed in response to repeated requests from hospital staff. This hook is as strong as a standard coat hook in normal use, yet gives no point of ligature.

The pliable plastic nature of the flexible coat hook provides a 100% fail-safe anti-ligature solution that both reduces the risk of weapon abuse as well as being vandal proof. An entirely functional and practical product for an otherwise impossible situation. It can be simply removed if posed as a threat.

Towel Rail

The clear towel rail provides a convenient towel drying facility in an otherwise anti-ligature environment. The rail and its holders will part from the brackets to allow 100% fail-safe solution under excessive load.

The clear polycarbonate construction of the towel rail has been designed for ease of hidden storage observation checks whilst the lightweight nature reduces weapons risk. Easily installed with two brackets, this 100% fail-safe towel rail is the ultimate drying solution for hand & face towels, flannels etc


The anti-ligature polycarbonate mirror is designed to be virtually indestructible. Having the same dimensions as a mounting plate and incorporating 2 magnetic fixing points (included).

The rigid polycarbonate mirror, is hygiene-friendly, being easy to clean, and offers peace of mind from a non-breakable construction. Rebated into a backing plate, and complete with hidden magnetic brackets, it will consistently part from its brackets under excessive load time after time.

Backing Plate

Many items may be converted to anti-ligature status by mounting them on the mounting plates. Available in three sizes, the plates are held vertically against the wall solely by the magnetic attraction of the brackets hidden behind them.
The sleek design of these K09 backing plates means that they blend in almost seamlessly into any given environment. They are held to the wall by hidden magnets and can be used on many fixed products to convert them to a fail-safe solution. Designed to securely hold a whole host of products to provide a practical, user-friendly, non institutionalised, fail-safe solution of mounting a variety of different sized products.